I started editing for TV in 2010 and haven't stopped since! My work is trusted by major brands such as

Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco as well as directors
of feature films. I enjoy learning more about my craft from other veterans of the industry. Collaboration is a top priority and I strive to honor my Savior

on every job I take. 


American Family Revival




Feature Documentary 




35-minute narrative short film




Cinematographer, Editor

4-Minute Short Film



"Zach is indispensable. I know if he takes something on, it will be handled competently and

professionally. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count.

Clients adore him and the work is rock solid, on-time, and on-budget.”

Brian Boyle

Director/Founder - Conduit Media

“Adding Zach to our team has been one of the best decisions for our company. He took the time

to understand the creative style and identity of Take 4 Films and he consistently delivers

projects that reflect those standards. Always meeting and often exceeding expectations. Zach

is creative, organized and reliable. He is a great communicator and team player. I highly

recommend that you rely on him for your editing needs.”

Hunter Starnes 

Owner - Take 4 Films

“Zach is one of the best editors I've ever worked with. He's conscientious, reliable, takes

ownership, and does great work. Plus, he's great with super tight turnarounds.”

Paul Hastings

Host of Compelled Podcast

“Working with Zach is a pleasure. He excels with clear and prompt communication, which, as a

producer, I find particularly noteworthy. His instincts as an editor are solid, his manner

professional, and his ability to deliver a vision or build one equally strong.

Your project is in good hands.”

Katherine Johnson

Film Producer, Director

Sheepshed Entertainment








Another eye in the edit bay who knows the footage as well as you do and is committed to serving the story. It is my place as an editor to give input that serves the director's vision

and to have his back at all times.



Experienced editors have acquired the ability to watch the raw footage, notice how it makes them feel, and keep track of it mentally for later use.


“There is an actual skill to watching dailies.”

Kelley Dixon, ACE  - Breaking Bad and Walking Dead



Editing is not just choosing the right shots

but choosing how they flow together.


“You must have peaks and valleys and dynamics within the action

 itself, so that it’s not 'at ten' all the time.”


Dan Zimmerman - The Maze Runner


It is not uncommon for a feature film to shoot 50 hours of footage for every 1 hour of final run-time. Mad Max: Fury Road was over 200hrs of footage per one hour of Run Time.


It takes a tried and true workflow to manage such a high amount of content effectively.  -  Cell:  307-250-9187